Update on information about applications for support from the Hardship Fund (Härtefall-Fonds) – Phase 2

by | Apr 28, 2020

The WKÖ has released a small update on information about applications for support from the Hardship Fund (Härtefall-Fonds) | Phase 2. Update received from the WKÖ on 27.4.2020. Please find an English translation of the information below, for your convenience:

Practical improvements

The hardship fund conditions have been slightly modified to take into account certain special company situations. Many entrepreneurs have brought their concerns to us. We have forwarded information about these to the government and were able to make the following practical changes:

Extension of the application/observation period:

In order to meet the needs of entrepreneurs who have incoming payments now and who can only provide evidence of a reduction in income later on, the three-month period under consideration will be extended by three months (until 15.09.2020).

Within the total ‘observation period’ of six months, any three-month period can be chosen for the application – AND the three months do not necessarily have to be consecutive.

Introduction of a minimum subsidy amount (also applies to companies that were founded from 2018 and on):

In phase 2, a minimum subsidy amount of 500 euros per month will be introduced. This will benefit all companies that were unable to generate a profit due to investments made or start-up losses experienced at the time the business was founded.

It is necessary to prove that there has been NO profit made, either by referring to the last tax assessment notice or the last three tax assessments or those filed over the last five years.

New entrepreneurs who have founded their business after 01.01.2018 (previous date was: 01.01.2020) can apply for an immediate support sum of 500 euros even without a tax assessment notice.

All entrepreneurs will still be able to receive up to 2,000 euros per month based on the automated calculation.

Consideration of family hardship compensation:

If you have applied for the Corona family hardship compensation fund (Corona-Familienhärteausgleich), do not worry, this funding has now been excluded from the double subsidy ban.

Receiving support from the corona family hardship compensation, therefore, is no longer treated as a reason for exclusion from the hardship fund.

Insurance benefits are no longer a criterion for exclusion:

COVID-19-related insurance benefits are no longer an exclusion criterion, but can be declared as additional income.
The change in guidelines will now be incorporated into the online application for the hardship fund as soon as possible!


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