Sara’s Scientific Translations

Expert English proofreading, copy editing and German to English translation

A Recipe for Success

Take one (1) talented individual with a background in the natural sciences

Add to a rich history of collaboration with experts in multiple fields

Add heaping spoonfuls of specializations in
Science and Technology (biology, biochemistry, chemistry, medicine…)
Arts and Social Sciences (archaeology, history, psychology, art…)

Mix in generous pinches of skill, precision and attention to detail

Fold in years of experience


…and voilà: You get the perfect language assistant!

My Services



Have you received the dispiriting request for a ‘native speaker to improve your manuscript’? Do you need to improve style, wording, grammar, and punctuation? Let me help you achieve the perfect result!


Copy editing

Want to create a text that catches the attention of just the right people? Do you have lots of ideas, but aren’t sure how to express them in the perfect words? Share your ideas with me and let me translate them into compelling text!


German-to-English translation

Do you need scientific or technical text translated from German into perfect English for a specialized audience? Want to convey complex ideas in simpler English? Contact a qualified, creative translator with a diverse background in the sciences!


Academic Workshops

I offer diverse and professional Academic English workshops (oral presentations, proposal writing, manuscript preparation and much more). Let me help to design the perfect workshop for your group!

Children’s Storytime

I love creating engaging and educational English Storytime sessions and workshops for children! Contact me to discuss the possibilities.


Integration Assistance

Everyone needs a helping hand sometimes. I offer social support services for English-speaking individuals who have newly arrived in Graz, Austria.

About Me

I am a native English speaker who has lived in Europe (Austria) since 2004.

I have provided high-quality proofreading, copy editing and German to English translation services for clients in academic, industrial, and the not-for-profit sectors since 2012.

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