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A list of frequently asked questions and answers appears below. Don’t hesitate to contact me if any further questions arise.

How do I request your services and more information?

Would you like to learn more about my workshops, proofreading, copy editing, translation, or integration assistance services? Simply contact me to receive more information and get a free quote for your project!

How can I send you my files?

Once we have contacted one another, simply send me your work as an electronic attachment to an e-mail or by using WeTransfer. Contact me for more information about translating or proofreading websites.

How quickly can I receive the results?

I will agree on a deadline with you before I start the work. A minimum deadline of 48 hours is required for proofreading and copy editing texts that are up to 25,000 words; a minimum of 72 hours is required for German to English translation of texts of this length.

How much will the work cost?

Please click HERE to view my prices and conditions for 2020. In special cases, it is also possible to contact me directly to negotiate a lump-sum price for the work. The cost of workshops varies depending on the length, topic and audience. Invoices for my work are issued directly to the person or institution requesting the services.

Why am I writing about COVID-19?

At the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak in Austria, I noticed that fantastic information and resources were being offered for self-employed persons and small businesses…but all in German. The articles contain translations of content from the Chamber of Labour (WKÖ) and other expert sources. I take no responsibility for the validity or completeness of this content, but voluntarily chose to collect and translate this information to provide valuable help (in English) for individuals living in Austria.

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